forklift: Buy sell or rent? We cover your needs

Buying Used Forklifts

Purchasing a new truck can take a siginificant time and money. Small and Medium size dealers benefit in a great way from In order to search used forklifts all you need to do is fill out the search fields under the Forklift area. The main search fields include machine type, capacity, mast type and the engine type of the forklift. Under detailed search you can enter additional search criteria to narrow down your search. You can then view the search results and contact forklift dealers directly. THis provides you with direct contact with the forklift dealers to buy and sell used equipment. To start searching for a used forklift click here.

Sell Used Forklifts

Forklift International is the right place to sell your used forklifts in an easy and efficient way. To offer your forklift, please go to the main menu and click on Sell. To sell your used forklift on Forklift International, all you pay is a one-time fee of 19.99 USD. To sell your used forklift, please click here. If you sell more than once machine please contact us for our special offer for forklift dealers, please fill out our Contact form and once of our representative will get in touch with you.

New Forklifts

For companies that need to transport a lot of goods, it is worth to purchase a new forklift. If you are interested in buying new forklift for your company, you can search through forklift dealers in your area who sell new forklifts. Just click on New Machines in the home page area. On the search screen, you can specify the type of forklift you are looking for. You should also be aware of the following information:

  • What is the maximum lifting capacity?
  • What is the engine type?
  • What is the minimum lifting height?
  • What maximum closed height should the forklift have?
  • Which mast type you prefer?

You can enter your zip code and find forklift dealers located in your region. To pass on the information further to those dealers, we need your personal contact information. After sending your request, you will be contacted by the forklift Dealers directly in your area. With New Machine searching tool, you can easily get in touch with forklift dealers who supply machines matching your needs. Forklift International will not be involved between you and the dealer, thereby giving you the direct contact with forklift dealers. To search for a new forklift please click here.

Renting forklifts

Many companies rent their equipment. Renting forklifts has the following advantages:

  • Bridges capacity constraints of available machines
  • Provides highest availability at calculable costs
  • Offers full service for your rented forklift
  • Used to test a specific truck before purchase

Find available forklifts to rent on by filling out the search fields under Machines for Rent. Within few clicks you can find the forklift matching your rental needs in your region. You can then contact the forklift dealer for further details directly, free of charge. To enquire about renting forklifts, please click here.

Rent your forklift

Are you a forklift dealer wanting to rent your machines? Then you are in the right place - Forklift International renting marketplace.

We offer our dealers cost effective and easy to use Solutions for forklift rental and forklift sales. To get more information on our Special offers, please fill out the Contact form and one of our representatives will get in touch with you.