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Would you like to buy a second-hand forklift?

Whether it is a used forklift truck or a brand new machine: the decision "buying a forklift" often correlates with investments between 10,000 EUR and 200,000 EUR. This is especially true when the forklift truck should be used for a long time and there is an increasing demand for productivity and handling goods. Some companies need special and also expensive counterbalance forklift types, which gives them a competitive edge. The high degree of specialization including the expensive equipment like sideshifts and any special construction may discourage competitors from entering the market. If you want to buy a forklift truck, the most important considerations are: the type of counterbalance forklift, the loading capacity (i.e. up to which weight a pallet can be lifted), the lifting height, the type of mast, the tyres and the type of drive. The most common drives are electric, diesel and lpg but in the meantime hybrid drives exist as well. The following questions are also important if you want to buy a forklift truck:

What is the scope of the forklift? Do you just need to lift a 2500kg pallet indoors or do you have an outdoor use?
For indoor use, 3-wheel forklifts with non-marking tyres are popular and usually electric forklifts are in use. Diesel forklift trucks are more common outside as they can adapt to the terrain. Rough terrain forklifts impress by their big tyres.

Up to which height must I be able to lift a pallet and load?

What brand do you need?
If you have a fleet of a certain brand like Linde, Jungheinrich or hyster, you might have an advantage adding a forklift from the same brand and type as you can use equipment like sideshifts then for all machines. As well, the use of the same models of a forklift, stacker or pallet truck might be appreciated by the operaters in your organization.

Advantages - buying a used forklift truck

- long-term cost advantages with intensive, daily use and regular transport of pallets and other material
- Relatively constant costs over the useful life provides a good basis for budget planning
- Superficial paint damage to the chassis of the used forklift truck is rather secondary
- Larger companies with a fleet of forklifts are more flexible and do not have to resort to external service providers to cope with load peaks.

Investment in a forklift - Considerations

- A significant investment in the purchase of the forklift is necessary.
- For long-term use, you may not rely on the technology and advantages of the latest model generation.
- Does the counterbalance forklift truck purchased today comply with company-internal and general safety or emission standards?
- Does the current equipment (like a sideshift for example) fit to new used forklift?
- Operators of several company locations may need to plan for the transport of forklifts with changing tasks

Here we go. Use now and buy the right forklift. Find suitable forklifts of any type, mast, capacity, tyres and drive (diesel, lpg, electric) as well as accessory equipment like sideshifts at the best prices from professional dealers and suppliers in your area.