Cleaning machines guide

These types exist

High pressure cleaner

In industrial water pressure washer is placed under pressure to a piston pump. This pressure is created upon emergence of the water from the nozzle, a powerful jet of water, which removes stubborn stains and soils from almost any surface. Thus high pressure cleaners are effectively used in street cleaning, facade cleaning and engine cleaning. Most high-pressure cleaners are simple to connect to the stream. Some larger units are operated with diesel. Most high-pressure cleaners heat the water up to 90 degrees. The handling of a high-pressure cleaner should be done by well-trained personnel, since the hardness of the water jet can cause a high risk of injury and the risk of damage to the surfaces to be treated. For more complex tasks of cleaning, there are special cleaning agents to combat sparingly soluble or dirt can be used in the food industry for disinfection.



With a sweeper, the dirt is cleaned mechanically by means of two brushes and a vacuum fan. There are mobile sweepers; sweepers can also be used as attachments for forklifts, trucks or utility vehicles. Sweepers are usually diesel or manually operated. The rotating brushes are usually located at the right-side of the sweeper and under the vehicle.


Vacuum sweeper

These machines are used for vacuum sweeping, spreading up to 2 meters. Sweepers are operated manually. These machines are equipped with a high suction power and are used for drying or cleaning of roads, buildings or parking lots. Sweepers have a filter in the intake air stream. This separates coarse contaminants from fine dust particles and prevents the re-entering of fine particles. For large sweepers - such as street cleaning a brushes are located on their sides, which transports the debris from the gutter to the suction nozzle. In addition, the steering for such sweepers is usually on the right hand side, so that the driver can clean more thoroughly.


Scrubber dryer

Automatic wet scrubber can be operated manually or as sit down. Moreover, there is a distinction between an automatic wet scrubber with a broom and a device with two brooms. Depending on the size of the floor to clean, the model selection is to be made. With Automatic wet scrubber office buildings, warehouses can be cleaned.


Sweeper scrubber

Scrubber/Dryers are cleaning device and there is a distinction between hand-held and the cab driver's seat or devices. These cleaning machines scrub the floor and at the same time suck the cleaning fluid. For small areas, the manual mode is best. For larger area one should use the driver's seat variant, because the physical strain is thus reduced by a multiple. These devices are operated with battery power. Depending on the cleaning surface, there are different widths available.


Street sweeper

When sweeping the streets with street sweepers, dirt is often sprayed with water to bind the dust and prevent its swirling. Besides the ubiquitous dust, e.g. by soot deposition and tire wear, covering all kinds of gross contamination (e.g. through waste or gravel). Furthermore, it is important to ensure that no uncontrolled plant growth damages the road surface. The street-cleaning machine is a great sweeper, which is steered by a driver. The driver's seat and the brooms are often located on the right, so it can be cleaned as close to the curb as possible. These cleaning machines have an extremely high suction power and a large dirt tank.