Soeteman en Popering heftrucks B.V.

Soeteman en Popering heftrucks B.V.

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Linde, Eureka


We are supplier of Linde Forklifts, warehouse trucks. Soeteman & Popering Heftrucks B.V. takes care of all maintenance, repairs and annual BMWT inspections for your forklift or warehouse truck. We deliver new and used trucks.

We specialize in the

Maintenance & repair Linde forklifts
Sales & lease forklifts
Sale of new & used forklifts
Parts for Linde forklifts



We can arrange transport of the forklift truck for you with a maximum weight of 4500 kg. Do you have a question or interest? fill in the contact form below and we will respond asap!

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair

Proper maintenance gives you peace of mind that you can use your forklift or warehouse truck for years without any worries. Our expert team at Soeteman & Popering are happy to help you further.

Annual BMWT safety inspection
Maintenance also on location
Rental agreement

A truck that is regularly and properly maintained improves the productivity in your company. You prevent downtime and waiting times due to unexpected repairs. Our service is available on call.

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