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Sell more easily!

Boost your sales, buy at reduced prices and increase your efficiency! As a part of our huge global network, you are guaranteed to benefit!

Get started with these and many more features:

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Sell fast

Our more than 2 million users are looking for machines like yours every day!
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Cheaper dealer prices

As a Forklift member, you buy machines at lower dealer prices!
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30% more machines

Forklift members have access to up to 30% more machines than the end customer!
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Professional offers

Creating offers in 15 languages is a child's play. Not only for your own, but also for third-party machines!
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App Stock management

Your own machines and 100,000 more always available!
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Regional & International

You decide whether you want to build up your local business or beyond!
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Automatic data maintenance

We import your machines fully automatically. Without additional costs and without additional effort for you!
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and much more

All other available tools can be found in our package overview

Features & packages:



These features are included as standard in your membership:


  • Sell machines
  • Up to 30% more machines than in the end customer area
  • View dealer prices
  • In depth pro search
  • Access to all functions via the app
  • Quotation Tool (with Branding)
  • Notifications whenever a desired machine is entered in forklift
  • Automatic import
  • Mirror your stock on your website
  • Company profile
Very popular


You can book this package independently:


  •  Interfaces
  •  Quotation tool (without branding)
  •  Rental Quotation tool
  •  Package Quotation tool
  •  Multiple personalized user logins
  •  Machine flyer tool
  •  QR code specifications
  •  Printable stock list
  •  Machine export
For Pros


You can book this package independently:


  •  Show missed calls:
  •  Know who called!
  •  Show visitor names: Who is looking at my machines?
  •  Big Data Insights: End customer data

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