Logimat 2025 - by EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH

Logimat 2025 - by EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH

Joseph-Dollinger-Bogen 7 | 80807 Muenchen | Saksa | www.logimat-messe.de/

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The next LogiMAT will take place from March 11 to March 13, 2025, at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center, directly adjacent to the airport.

LogiMAT, Stuttgart

LogiMAT, Stuttgart

LogiMAT, organized by EUROEXPO since 2003, is the world's leading trade fair for intralogistics solutions and process management in Stuttgart in the heart of Europe. It presents international exhibitors and offers specialist presentations and live events in the accompanying supporting program.

Digitalization, networking, AI and big data are ushering in a new era of productivity and value creation along the supply chain. Real-time data exchange makes it possible to react flexibly to changes and make adjustments in good time, both in production and in the warehouse.
AutoID technologies and sensor systems promote efficiency, safety and seamless human-machine collaboration. The complexity of the systems poses immense challenges for any company that wants to benefit from the digital transformation. LogiMAT is the annual platform where solutions for streamlining, process optimization and cost reduction of internal logistics processes are presented.

LogiMAT, Stuttgart: March 11 to 13, 2025

LogiMAT International

LogiMAT International

LogiMAT is now also successfully represented in other countries. LogiMAT China, for example, has been held since 2014. It is held in Shenzhen. The "core city" of the Greater Bay Area's innovation hub plays a key role in the modernization and transformation of manufacturing in southern China, making it the ideal location for a logistics trade fair.

LogiMAT Southeast Asia in Bangkok, Thailand is not only aimed at the Thai market, but also at the surrounding markets in Indonesia, Singapore, Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar. Bangkok's central location and perfect infrastructure make the trade fair very attractive, also for trade visitors from neighboring countries.

LogiMAT India in Mumbai is a new addition to the portfolio. The successful first event has proven to be a first-class platform for bringing together industry leaders, experts and innovators from the logistics and material handling sectors.

LogiMAT China, May 8 to 10, 2024, SZCEC, Shenzhen, China

LogiMAT Southeast Asia, October 16 to 18 2024, BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand

LogiMAT India, February 13 to 15 2025, Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India


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Diversified Material Handling Systems
Diversified Material Handling Systems

Material handling equipment manufacturers and systems integrators from around the world are using their presence at LogiMAT to highlight the current trend in the industry: offering end-to-end solutions that include robotics, mobile conveyor technology, and software from a single source. Hardware systems in the exhibit hall reflecting this trend will include new pallet shuttles and overhead conveyor technology for storing and picking small parts.

Industrial Truck Industry Looks Boldly to the Future
Industrial Truck Industry Looks Boldly to the Future

Exhibitors from the international industrial truck industry are coming to LogiMAT 2024 to showcase products and solutions highlighting the critical role of electric powertrains in the efficient flow of goods and materials in intralogistics. The focus in Halls 9 and 10 of the Messe Stuttgart convention center will be on new forklift truck series and pallet trucks as well as innovations in powertrain technologies, energy storage systems, driver assistance systems, and automated guided vehicles. Expert Forums, part of the trade show’s accompanying program of events, complement the exhibits with information on current trends.

New Product Premieres and Innovations
New Product Premieres and Innovations

International exhibitors from all product segments are coming to LogiMAT 2024 to give industry professionals a first look at a wide range of new and improved products for efficient intralogistics. Some 100 new and never-before-exhibited products have already been announced in the run-up to the event.

Sustainability is Good Business
Sustainability is Good Business

Sustainability is Good Business

Diversified Material Handling Systems

Material handling equipment manufacturers and systems integrators from around the world are using their presence at LogiMAT to highlight the current trend in the industry: offering end-to-end solutions that include robotics, mobile conveyor technology, and software from a single source. Hardware systems in the exhibit hall reflecting this trend will include new pallet shuttles and overhead conveyor technology for storing and picking small parts.

Manufacturers of material handling technology and intralogistics are showing strength in a difficult economic climate with a comprehensive range of products and services for efficient intralogistics. “Current conditions and the unrelenting pressure from digital transformation are fueling the sustained demand for automation solutions,” explains LogiMAT Exhibition Director Michael Ruchty from Munich-based event organizer EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH. “Many manufacturers and service providers are also adapting their intralogistics to the demands of multichannel operations. Achieving intralogistics processes of the necessary efficiency requires smart product innovations and automated warehouse solutions. The international exhibitors at LogiMAT 2024 in Stuttgart are showing what this can look like.”
The industry is continually integrating the latest technological developments such as robotics and sensor systems to create entirely new solutions while optimizing and extending the range of established technologies. Manufacturers of material handling and intralogistics systems, once again the largest exhibitor group at LogiMAT, are presenting a spectrum of solutions that reflects this diversity. Industry professionals can experience the latest innovations alongside optimizations of established material handling systems and equipment in Halls 1 (including the gallery), 3, 5, and 7 of the Messe Stuttgart convention center. Based on their inherent expertise in system control software, almost all leading system manufacturers are also expanding their software offerings as a standalone business segment. With the aim of offering end-to-end solutions, they have expanded in recent years beyond stationary conveyor systems, storage systems, and industrial robots to become increasingly involved in mobile conveyor systems, cobots, shuttles, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). The international material handling technology manufacturers and systems integrators will reflect these current industry trends in their exhibits at LogiMAT 2024.
Hardware, software, and AMRs from a single source
In Hall 5, a European systems integrator will be presenting components of a modular conveyor technology program—including a new A-frame and a goods-to-person picking solution for up to 500 picks per hour—while also highlighting the newest features and multivendor AMR integration capacities in their software suite. Meanwhile, in Hall 1, a hardware system developer will be showcasing a new warehouse lift, overhead conveyor technology, and various components such as mobile racking and channel storage shuttles for scalable intralogistics solutions, along with AMRs and new applications for the company’s warehouse management system (WMS). Over in Hall 3, another leading manufacturer is presenting a combination of new automation and robotics solutions, AI-based software, and people as technology partners for smart value chains.
Most exhibitors in the field of material handling and automation, however, are focusing on individual hardware components and systems in the traditional product range—for handling and storing pallets, for example. In Hall 7, industry professionals can have a look at a new heatable pallet magazine for extremely cold environments. The version with an additional fan heater has been developed for pallet handling in cold store environments down to -25°C degrees for easier operation in cold environments. Hall 7 will also host the world premiere of a unique fire prevention and protection system based on fuel cell technology. Low-oxygen exhaust air, which is produced during the energy conversion of hydrogen for green electricity and heat, ensures a reduced oxygen content in storage areas and also creates a permanent protective atmosphere.
In Hall 5, a new 2D pallet shuttle will be on display—an AMR-based storage and transport solution that transfers the shuttle technology already established in container and carton conveyor technology to pallet conveyor technology. Visitors there can also experience the first live exhibition of a piece-picking system, whose gantry robot uses suction cups instead of finger-shaped grippers to grip items more quickly and reliably. Hall 3 features an end-to-end system for automated storage and fast picking of long goods. The cassettes and shelves of the honeycomb storage system can be specially tailored to the dimensions of the material to be stored, maximizing storage density. To avoid empty runs, the integrated automated storage and retrieval systems can alternately pick up two cassettes, each weighing up to 1.5 tons, and move them to a height of up to 25 meters. Various carousel station solutions simplify the transfer of long goods and ensure a quick cassette change.
Scalable shuttle technology
Other new pallet solutions are on display in Hall 1, where several exhibitors are presenting new shuttle technology for the automated storage of standard and semi-pallets in high-bay warehouses. The new shuttle technology for standard pallets is designed to help improve storage density and operating speed, reduce manual workload, and lower operating costs in automated storage systems. The solution is scalable for various scenarios ranging from small, low-volume applications to extra-large, high-performance warehouses. A new semi-pallet shuttle, also presented in Hall 1, uses high-precision sensor technology to distinguish between plastic pallets of various colors and can be deployed in a wide range of temperatures and ambient conditions.
Even though e-commerce is currently lagging somewhat behind the peak volumes of previous years, several equipment manufacturers are continuing to focus on small parts and single items in their automated storage, picking, and conveying systems in everything from overhead conveyor technology to the integration of robotics. Several exhibitors are presenting innovations in the field of AutoStore systems, for example. In Hall 1, visitors can experience a new system robot with a lithium-titanium-oxide battery designed to accelerate charging and boost productivity up to 15 percent. A systems integrator will also be showcasing an extended product portfolio for enhancing small parts storage strategies on a project- and process-specific basis. Also on display: special transfer cells for transferring storage and retrieval processes from warehouse grids to material handling equipment or AGVs. Other options range from a robot picking solution to software with coordinated process control and individual prioritization strategies from the company’s own WMS.
Hall 1 will also feature a newly developed intralogistics tower with up to 1,000 container storage locations as a cost-effective entry-level automation solution. The tower consists of a static rack arranged around a rotating container lifter, the heart of the system. The solution, which allows storage of articles up to three deep and automated goods-to-person or bin-to-person picking, is designed for the needs of small companies that want to streamline their manual container storage systems. Hall 1 will also feature a new fully automated high-performance picking system for frozen goods down to -25°C designed to achieve throughput rates in both storage and retrieval of up to 12,000 packages per hour.
Overhead conveyor systems trending
Overhead conveyor technology, used in e-commerce and omnichannel business models to handle as many items as possible in the smallest possible space, will be among the dominant themes at LogiMAT 2024 in the alignment of warehouse processes, from automated storage and picking to the requirements of e-commerce. Hall 5 will host several exhibitors presenting new and improved designs in this product group. A new overhead conveyor technology including sorter pouches uses autonomous robots that move independently to their destination on a rail system with crossings, making the pouch sorter a game changer in e-commerce. The solution, exhibited for the first time anywhere in the world, offers maximum flexibility in system design and operation and can be scaled precisely to the customer’s evolving needs. Another novelty is an overhead conveyor system, designed as an alternative to totes, for product groups weighing up to 5 kg that easily become entangled or simply occupy too much space in totes. A second scalable bag sorter for sorting, sequencing, and intermediate buffering covers the maximum bag capacity of 7 kg, serving workstations with up to 10,000 bags per hour and a wide range of items, including clothing on hangers. Besides overhead conveyor sorters, exhibitors in Hall 5 will also present the latest developments in conventional sorter technology, including new loop sorters and innovations with a vision feature and package contour control designed to reduce sorting jams by 99.9 percent.
More innovations in diversified material handling hardware and process automation will be presented in nearly every hall of the Messe Stuttgart convention center. One focus here will be the linking of material handling equipment and technology with mobile transport devices such as cobots, AMRs, and AGVs. Hall 3, for example, will feature the live presentation of an end-to-end transfer station for loading and unloading AGVs designed to work with both containers and pallets. Hall 5 will feature an active loading and unloading system that allows either a standalone or integrated connection of AGV fleets to material handling systems.
LogiMAT Stuttgart will once again offer industry professionals from around the world an unparalleled overview of the latest products and solutions from material handling technology manufacturers and systems integrators,” concludes Exhibition Director Ruchty. “The diversified trade show, offering a direct comparison of the latest products and systems plus an accompanying program with a total of 16 Expert Forums, three recurring live events, the career and networking event LogiMAT Campus, and the Exhibitor Insights will once again leave everyone with a clear path for investments in future-proof solutions. Anyone working in intralogistics won’t want to miss it.”

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