Dealer Membership

As a dealer we now offer you the unique opportunity to buy and sell forklifts, warehouse equipment,attachments, access equipment or cleaning machines, with the huge benefits from an exclusive membership:

  • Offer your used equipment globally, regionally and locally to dealers and end users customers. With over 1.5 million visitors every year Forklift is the ideal marketplace for the sale of your used and new forklifts.
  • Create your own company profile including photos, videos, company description and editorial space to write up about your services and your equipment. Forklift can complement or even replace your own website - please talk to us about these opportunities!
  • You can be sure to be found quickly and directly - whether on Google or Forklift.
  • Create a high-quality listings for used equipment, rental equipment or new equipment including photos, videos and PDFs
  • With just a few clicks send out immediate quotes to your customers with your own company’s letter headed paper or create a printable list of your entire fleet – creating immediate Flyers!
  • Maintain your complete stock using Forklift and eliminate the need for any additional or expensive software. We offer you a fleet management tool which can be integrated to your own website and managed from anywhere in the world via the internet.

Join us right now to buy and sell and be part of this online market leader and take advantage of our complete, cost effective and professional solutions! Do you want to find out more? then please contact one of our Team Members.

Our Packages

  Starter Business Premium Premium+
Contract period 12 12 12 12
Unlimited Search
Spare Parts optional