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Cat® Lift Trucks is one of the leading manufacturers of forklift trucks and materials handling equipment. With more than 80 years’ experience in the materials handling industry, we’ve developed a range of robust, efficient and performance enhancing products; helping your operators to work efficiently, safe and deliver the results that you need for your business.

No matter your needs, we’re sure to have a forklift or warehouse truck that meets your requirements. Our range of diesel powered forklift trucks, gas powered forklift trucks and electric powered forklift trucks are designed to fulfil a range of requirements; coming in a variety of sizes and with various abilities to suit your needs.

Alongside an extensive range of forklift trucks, we also have an impressive range of other warehouse equipment. We’re proud to manufacture a range of leading pallet trucks, stackers, order pickers, reach trucks and tow trucks, which help warehouse operatives complete their applications in a more efficient and safe way.

Cat® lift trucks are supported by a worldwide network of dealers. No matter your location, we should have a dealer nearby who will be willing to help with your lift truck and warehouse equipment needs. Find a dealer near you, here.

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23.05.2023 - Vasi
Cat platform stackers boost operator confidence and productivity

Introducing Cat® sit-on stackers NSS16-20N2(I)
09.01.2023 - Vasi
Introducing Cat® sit-on stackers NSS16-20N2(I)

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- Vasi
Introducing Cat® sit-on stackers NSS16-20N2(I)

Introducing Cat® sit-on stackers NSS16-20N2(I)


Mon, 09/01/2023 - 11:04

With its new sit-on stackers, Cat® Lift Trucks is again encouraging businesses to look beyond the usual materials handling solutions. The Cat® NSS16-20N2(I)range offers a productivity-enhancing and cost-cutting alternative for intensive stacking, retrieval and internal transport of goods.
Its high levels of comfort and ergonomics will be welcomed by busy operators working long shifts and covering large areas. Meanwhile, its compact dimensions, easy manoeuvrability and high lifting – up to 7 metres – will enable increased warehouse storage density. In addition, its performance advantages will boost throughput.
These flexible load movers and handlers, in capacities of 1.6 and 2.0 tonnes, have a variety of applications. Typically, those might include material flow in factories as well as general warehouse work. They are perhaps most likely to be considered as cost-effective and space-saving replacements for reach trucks or platform stackers.
Use warehouse space fully and economically
Cat sit-on stackers compete well with many reach trucks on lifting – and they can work in much tighter spaces. Their cost of operation is also considerably lower.
Compared to platform stackers, they are faster, have a smaller footprint, and can lift to far greater heights. What’s more, there are no stops to fold or unfold platforms or side bars.
Thanks to their high lifting ability and compact dimensions, you can make your aisles narrower and your racking higher. You can also store heavy loads at higher levels, because of their strong residual capacities. Residual capacity can be enhanced by deploying optional side stabilisers and by automatic travel speed limitation during high lifts. These factors allow fuller use of floor and vertical space in the warehouse.
Work faster and more efficiently
Operators can move confidently and swiftly through narrow aisles, knowing they are fully enclosed and protected within the truck’s robust structure. Automated stability aids, including cornering control, optimise speeds to match activities – ensuring rapid but safe motion.
Advances in the trucks’ drive, hydraulic and steering systems, along with their controllers, make every action fast and smooth. Positionally adjustable armrests bring the ergonomic mini steering wheel and fingertip hydraulic levers within easy reach. Integrated functionality saves time by allowing simultaneous control of mast and fork movements, drive speed and side stabiliser deployment.
Ergonomics and comfort have been prioritised, to minimise stress, strain and fatigue. The driver has a comfortable, adjustable suspension seat, and plenty of space, in a quiet, low-vibration operator compartment. Dampened mast-stage transitions and soft landing add to the positive user experience by further reducing noise and vibrations. For extra luxury, options like electrically adjustable floor height can be specified.
The four Cat sit-on stacker models include two with initial lift, which give additional ground clearance. These may also be used for double pallet handling, by placing one load on the support legs and one on the forks.
For non-stop productivity, optimum efficiency and maximum profit, lithium-ion batteries are selectable in preference to lead-acid on all trucks. There is also a wide range of application-matched optional extras to choose from. They include various operator assistance features which aid both productivity and safety. These are especially welcome in environments such as DIY stores where pedestrian personnel and/or consumers mix with lift truck traffic.
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Sit-on stackers NSS16-20N2(I)





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