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INTER-VILICARI d.o.o. founded in 2004. year to express their wishes for success in the market selling, servicing, spare parts and rental only LINDE forklifts.

Business from the outset is characterized by constant increase of satisfied customers and users of service providers, so that 2010 years of moving into a new, larger and well equipped sales and service center in Mursko Sredisce.

Inter-Viličari d.o.o. offers all kinds of used truck manufacturer Linde with a guarantee on all vital parts of the forklift. Quality and promptness is our top priority and in particular the satisfaction of our customers. Our service vehicles are ready to come at your call (within 24 hours or by appointment) .95% of all errors are eliminated at the fault trucks, and if it can not be transported in a truck to our service center.

With pride we can point to our exclusive partner company Scholer Fordertehnik AG.

Our mission commits us to the future of their abilities and quality of service, improve the quality of relations and cooperation with our existing and future partners, to safeguard the value and raise competitiveness in the market.

Latest News & Media Releases

Latest News & Media Releases

Today we delivered two pieces of Linde forklift. Linde H18D and Linde T16.

Used Machines

Used Machines

We always have on our stock approximately 80 used LINDE forklifts all types.

We offer a large selection of used LINDE forklifts all kinds, types and capacity. Drive them is diesel, gas or electric. Forklifts in stock now are ready for delivery.

Can be extended to all the cranes lift heights to suit your needs, and all other hydraulic devices.
See for yourself the quality and reliability of our trucks and take advantage of the possibility of probation forklift before buying it.

If you have not found a single truck that suits your needs, please contact us.

Hire & Rental

Hire & Rental

Also, we rent all types of Linde forklifts. If you need for using the forklift, but you do not need to purchase, we can offer you and hire forklift trucks of all types and capacity.

Depending on your needs, you can rent a truck to take on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.



We offer maintenance and service of all LINDE forklifts with diagnostics and qualified staff. Superior service and qualified staff guarantee the quality of maintenance and servicing of your LINDE forklifts.

We have 10 fully equipped service vehicles with top repairers guaranteeing rapid fault repair in the field, and fast repair of your truck for further work.

During overhaul or major failure of your trucks, we offer you a replacement truck for use free of charge. Convince yourself of our expertise and speed.



We can offer shortening cranes for Linde forklift trucks of all kinds. Our qualified staff is the most professional in the operations of this nature.

These days, we finishing with shortening 25 pieces masts of Linde series 388.

For shortened masts we give approvals and certifications and thus the guarantee for work performed.



we can offer recovery of forklifts, as external or visual, and technical with very little cost.

On picture: LINDE H20D, YOM: 1994., Serie: 351

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