Forklift App: mobile search for machines & dealers

The worldwide unique user friendly App for managing and searching for machines and dealers

With the brand new Forklift app, the well-known and time-saving functions are now also available on the go. The machines and dealers search used from the PC can now be used quickly and easily in your mobile or tablet. A special highlight is the integrated machine registration. Download the Forklift app now on the App Store and get started right away. With this tool you are ready for tomorrow's requirements everywhere. This saves you and your sales team valuable time and money. Welcome to the mobile world of Forklift!

The Forklift App highlight - the lightning fast machine registration

As easy as 123!. Available off and online: the app allows you to capture machines details in its entirity with all their specs in a very easy, complete and quick way like never before. And all of this without the need for a digital camera or a sheet of paper! You decide if the registered data should be forwarded by e-mail or upload it directly to your Forklift account.

  • makes instant rating by the used machine department possible
  • Your salespeople can react instantly

Extend your existing forklift account to be able to use managing functions.

Your mobile functions
  • Find matching machines worldwide
  • All machines details at a glance
  • Find dealers and servicepartners near you
  • For Apple iPhone and iPad

Benefits for Forklift members
  • Paperless machine registration including details and up to 9 images
  • Own stock instantly viewable
  • Synchronisation with the Forklift-platform in realtime

The new Forklift App - always one step beyond

Forklift App - Jetzt auch für Android!

Many features of our online market are now also available on your mobile or tablet. Do you want to manage your forklift truck online in an even easier way? - without a digital camera, making notes on a piece of paper or other aids? We have the solution! Let us convince you now of our unique Forklift app. No matter where your sales person is located, you will always have access to your own fleet of machines to search for suitable machines or access the user friendly registration tool. Take a step forward and download our free app today in the App Store (iOS) or Google play (Android).

Your mobile functions:
  • can be used without registration
  • Find machines worldwide
  • Machine details compact at a glance
  • Find dealers and service partners
  • easy machine registration including photos
  • View your own stock
  • Integrated QR code reader
  • All language versions as on the website
  • Bookmark favourite machines and recall them instantly
  • all machines of a dealer viewable fom one detail page
  • direct contact to the seller
  • dealer prices shown after login (for members)
With the Forklift App machine registration is as easy as never before:

Take your machines with you anywhere - online or offline - easy and fast as never before. The app allows you to record your equipment even if you have no network coverage and without the need of a registration form or digital camera! The data can be sent with and without login. Decide for yourself whether the data should then be forwarded by e-mail or loaded directly and completely into your Forklift account. This allows for immediate evaluation of the machine by your used department. Your sales person have the opportunity to immediately respond to the customer on site and close a deal faster than ever!