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Sydtrade Truckar AB was founded by Curt Arvidsson in 1982 and is an authorized dealer of Mitsubishi and Hangcha forklifts as well as JCB telehandlers.

We have chosen to increase sales of more brands to cover more needs. Mitsubishi, Hangcha and JCB have different advantages for meeting different demands of companies.

Hangcha has very affordable electric trucks up to 16 tonnes as well as diesel trucks up to 18 tonnes and JCB has 3-ton telecommunication trucks.

We sell electric, diesel, gas and warehouse trucks to small and large customers in southern Sweden. We carry out service and repairs on all truck brands and also sell spare parts and accessories to all brands.
We have workshops in Växjö (Tävelsås) and Jönköping and a number of experienced truck technicians who can help our customers out on site.

We also offer complete truck driver training that follows the industry's developed truck curriculum 10 (TLP10). After completing the course, you will receive a personal truck card after passing the theory and driving test.

Long experience in the trucking industry gives us the very best conditions for helping customers in all material handling. We always have a large number of used electric trucks, stacker and diesel trucks in our warehouse. The used trucks are equipped according to the wishes of the customers. We focus on ergonomics, environment, innovation and safety!

Mitsubishi means three diamonds. Mitsu = 3, bishi = diamonds.

The company was founded in 1884 by Yataro Iwasaki through the takeover of a state shipbuilding business. In 1934, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was created, which was then the largest privately owned company in Japan through the manufacture of ships, heavy machinery, aircraft and trains. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is currently divided into 13 divisions and is one of the world's largest companies.

In 1970, the production of forklifts began. In 1982, MCFE was formed as a collaboration between Mitsubishi Heavy Industries LTD and Caterpillar Industrial Inc to combine Japanese manufacturing technology with US know-how in forklift marketing.
Today, there is a global coverage of production and sales of forklifts through the four companies MCFE in Europe, MCFA in North and South America, MCFS in Singapore and MHI in Japan.

MCFE is headquartered in Almere, a suburb 30 km northeast of Amsterdam.

In Mitsubishi's factory in Järvenpää, Finland, Mitsubishi electric trucks (counterweight) and the entire indoor program for Europe, Africa and the Middle East are manufactured.

The spare parts warehouse is strategically located in Puurs (Brussels) near the airport to minimize the delivery time on delivery. Urgent orders can be ordered until 17:00 and be with us the next morning and stock orders are shipped within 3 days.

You store about 55,000 article numbers, create about 300,000 order lines / year and fill with about 50,000 order lines / year. The availability of 100% delivery is over 94%.

Hangcha was founded in 1956 and is today China's largest truck manufacturer. Each year, over 100,000 trucks are manufactured at Hangcha's Hangzhou plant, which comprises 112 hectares, which will also be expanded during the years 2019-2020.

In their wide range we find 90 different models, including:

off-road trucks up to 5 tonnes
diesel trucks up to 18 tonnes
electric trucks up to 16 tons
stacker, pick up trucks, low lifters and pallet trucks
reach trucks
trucks with lithium batteries
AGV trucks and laser controlled trucks
tow trucks and terminal trucks as well as telescopic handlers

Hangcha is a high-tech company with a first-class development center as well as a certified test center and exports to over 150 different countries.
Their products are of high quality and they provide a 2 year full guarantee on all counterbalance trucks.

Movella translifters come from Finland.
These trolleys contribute to improved productivity and handling. The production of large goods is facilitated and free spaces are created for production.

Translifters is a better option for logistics due to:

It is easy and safe to move large components because remote-controlled steering wheels and hydraulically liftable construction.
The number of lifting and handling of finished products is reduced
You create vacant storage areas to use both indoors and outdoors
The production of larger goods is facilitated
Increasing the surface treatment production

JCB's electric telehandler, 30-19E, is one of the new generations of innovative products that utilize electrical technology. You save time and space when you use an electric arm to lift goods. The unique 111 degree tilt makes handling of goods easier and safer.

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