Almacar Carretillas, S.L.

Almacar Carretillas, S.L.

Membro desde : 2019

Polígono Industrial Mijares | 12550 Almassora | Castellón | Espanha |


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Todos , Toyota, Manitou

Informação sobre a empresa

In Almacar we offer variety of machines with the best value.

We guarantee good operability and reliability whatever the type of machine you need to purchase.

We have an easy and convenient system to meet design of the machine in question, as well as their basic characteristics.

We seek to maintain a transparent and lasting business relationship with our customers, to achieve a partnership, which prioritizes the concept of business partners, the timely customer.

We offer a full service, dynamic and versatile transport.

If you make a purchase within the national territory we will guarantee reliable transport with our trucks platform.

If this is abroad working in collaboration with fixed partners who perform all our international transport orders quickly and professionally.

We advise on the management of the customs documentation.

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Empilhadores: 84 Máquinas

Acessórios: 1 Máquinas

Plataformas: 67 Máquinas

Máquinas de limpeza: 0 Máquinas

Baterias: 0 Máquinas

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