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Linde, Manitou, Kalmar, Steinbock Boss, Jungheinrich, Still, Nissan, Toyota, Komatsu

Informacje o firmie

Blachdeker forklifts established in 1998. At the beginning of our dealership we had only small counterbalanced forklifts. Due to market’s change and increased demand for material handling equipment we expanded with our offer and now we have in stock many rough terrain trucks (2x4 and 4x4 driven), side loading trucks (side loaders) and telescopic handlers.

Despite of the fact that in general we sell small counterbalanced forklifts (1.5 - 5 tons) we also have many heavy forklifts (6, 8, 10, 12 tons). We proud to be the only company I southern Poland that have in stock large forklifts (up to 25 ton). In our offer you will find only the best forklifts manufactured by Linde, Kalmar, Svetruck, Manitou, Hyster, Toyota and many other globally recognized brands.

Form the moment you request a quotation, through professional counselling, subsequent purchase and comprehensive service and support after transaction you can always count on the best service you ever received. Doesn't matter where you’re located - distance for us won’t cause any problems. On our website you will find many photos and videos therefore you can make a smooth, safe purchase without ever leaving your desk.

In case you won’t find what you are looking for please call on +48 606 605 100 or send an email to We will do our best to respond within 24 hours.

Urządzenia używane

Urządzenia używane

We always have in stock:
- counterbalance forklifts
- compact forklifts
- rough terrein forklift
- side loading trucks (side loaders)
- diesel powered forklifts
- LPG powered forklifts
- electric forklifts
- three wheel forklifts
- explosion protected forklifts
- telescopic handlers
- scissor lifts



Blachdeker Forklifts in the past few years has significantly increased the variety of its stock. Therefore it’s very unlike that we won’t be able to match customer requirements. In stock we always have three wheel forklifts, counterbalance forklifts, rough terrain forklifts, side loading trucks, diesel, LPG, electrics on so on.

Short term hire.

You can hire our trucks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You choose, we supply. You will get fast delivery, guaranteed operation with ongoing support and maintenance – the essential elements to a successful short-term hire requirement.

Long Term Forklift Hire / Contract Forklifts Hire

Probably our most popular and requested form of supply. A fixed rate rental per week/month that is based on the type and number of trucks supplied, their usage and the accompanying service contract that covers breakdowns, repairs and routine servicing. It is a fully-comprehensive package that is custom-built for you.

Hire with experienced operator.

If you have to load/unload or move anything and you don’t have experienced driver and adequate equipment we are here to help. With our trained and practiced staff we are able to overcome all problems with moving stock.



Our commitment to all business partners is to provide quality customer service by offering a same day service breakdown repair in the majority of cases.

We offer full parts and service support for all forklifts and equipment we sell.

Our maintenance and service focus is twofold:

Firstly to respond to any breakdown as quickly as possible to prevent any interruption and therefore loss of productivity for your business.As part of this commitment we also aim to resolve any breakdown issue our first visit, thus working with the customers to keep their fleet running at optimum levels.

Secondly, we have a strong emphasis on preventative maintenance to ensure material handling equipment will always be performing at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

Bezpłatna oferta transportu

Bezpłatna oferta transportu

Having our own fleet of recovery trucks gives us an enormous advantage in the forklift rental market. We can genuinely say "we can get you a forklift now" because we have the trucks to do it.

We recognise that although most companies view transport as a cost, we can contribute to our customer's business through:
• Timeliness
• Presentation of truck and driver
• Developing our driver's skills in dealing with your customers on site
• Working together to develop cost minimization strategies

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