Spijkstaal International B.V.

Spijkstaal International B.V.

Mandenmakerstraat 150-152 | 3194 DG Hoogvliet | Olanda | https://www.spijkstaal.nl

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Spijkstaal International has been developing, manufacturing, selling and maintaining electric vehicles for more than 80 years. Spijkstaal is part of the Peinemann Mobilift Group since September 9, 2015 and since then mainly focusing on the rental of electric tractors and burden carriers. Total unburdening in the field of electrically horizontal transport is what Spijkstaal wants to offer its customers; nationally and internationally.

As a result of developments in corporate social responsibility, sustainability and reducing emissions, as well as the increased demand for electric vehicles, Spijkstaal focuses on different product groups within the spectrum of electric mobility.

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301LZ 3 tons statrekker
301LZ 3 tons statrekker

Nice series delivered of 301LZ 3 ton stand-up tractor to the BMW engines Factory in Steyr Austria.

Our team is ready to meet you at the Inter Airport - München.
Our team is ready to meet you at the Inter Airport - München.

Why visit our stand? Spijkstaal & ATA can help airports to achieve goals as increasing profitability, transporting luggage and products in a efficient way, little downtime and lower maintenance costs.

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