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Sell your forklift: offer your machine now

How can I offer a machine?

Bulletin Board

0,00 EUR
  • free
  • visible for dealers
  • no images
  • not visible for visitors
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Single Offer

19,99 EUR
incl. Sales Tax
approx. 23 USD
  • visible to visitors
  • visible for dealers
  • simple and secure payment with credit-card
  • 6 weeks online
  • 3 upload images
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Dealer registration

  • unlimited number of offers
  • monthly cashing up by invoice or direct debit
  • Upload images and videos
  • Prepare your company's profile
  • Select visibility of machines
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List your forklift for 6 weeks free of charge, with no pictures. The list appears in the bulletin board, and can be read only by registered dealers. Changes to the forklift cannot be made once it is entered in the bulletin board.

Use the single machine offer to list one or few forklifts on Forklift International database for just $19.99 per machine. Create a professional advertisement, including 3 pictures! This ad will be displayed on the end user and dealer area for 6 weeks. Sell your forklift now in just 3 easy steps!

DEALERS of forklifts, attachments, scissor lifts or cleaning machines benefits form Forklift International membership, through our various packages for every need and every budget. Upload up to 10 photos per ad, a video and a PDF data sheet along with your exclusive Forklift International dealer profile! Please contact us today for more information!