Hangcha Europe GmbH

Hangcha Europe GmbH

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Marichen-Graulich Straße 12a | 65439 Flörsheim am Main | Deutschland | www.hangchaeurope.com


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Hangcha Europe GmbH, located in Mariechen-Graulich-Str. 12a, 65439 Floersheim, Germany, is the 1st oversea depot of Hangcha Group Co., Ltd. with a monthly rolling schedule of ready stocks of 30 units of trucks and 10,000 items of spare parts. It is a direct link between factory in China and dealers in Europe. At the initial stage, the functionality of Hangcha Europe GmbH is to effect:

Quick response time from central location of Europe either business or support

Shortened delivery time of trucks and spare parts offering from its ready stocks.

Show-room of demo trucks latest launched and popular models

The synchronous Hangcha products family either shipped from the factory or delivered from Hangcha Europe depot gives everything you need for material handling from manual and electric pallet trucks and stackers, to 2t – 25t electric tow tractor, and up to 25t forklifts including 0.75t – 8t electric forklift trucks and 1t – 25t diesel forklift trucks and 1t – 6t gasoline/LPG forklift trucks. We are ready to service your requirements with full parts support. You can relax when you choose Hangcha products.

Further operation of Hangcha Europe GmbH will be upgrading step by step. Welcome to visit our website at www.hangchaeurope.com

Detailed information please feel free to contact: andy@hangchaeurope.com


Hangcha Group Co., Ltd. , initially known as a machine tools plant, was established in 1956. In 1974, Hangcha started its forklift truck business.

In its 50 years till now, with the philosophy “make the handling easier” and customer-oriented management,, Hangcha has been keeping active and innovative, and has gradually developed as one of the forklift leading players in material handling industry, ranked as No 9 in MHM 2013, range covering:

1、1t-32t diesel engine forklift trucks
2、45t reach truck handler
3、1t-8t gasoline/LPG forklift trucks
4、0.75t -2t three wheel electric trucks
5、1t-8t four wheel electric trucks
6、warehouse equipments.
7、2t-25t electric tow tract


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