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Spijkstaal International has been developing, manufacturing, selling and maintaining electric vehicles for more than 80 years. Spijkstaal is part of the Peinemann Mobilift Group since September 9, 2015 and since then mainly focusing on the rental of electric tractors and burden carriers.

Total unburdening in the field of electrically horizontal transport is what Spijkstaal wants to offer its customers; nationally and internationally.
As a result of developments in corporate social responsibility, sustainability and reducing emissions, as well as the increased demand for electric vehicles, Spijkstaal focuses on different product groups within the spectre of electric mobility.

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301LZ 3 tons statrekker
301LZ 3 tons statrekker

Nice series delivered of 301LZ 3 ton stand-up tractor to the BMW engines Factory in Steyr Austria.

Our team is ready to meet you at the Inter Airport - München.
Our team is ready to meet you at the Inter Airport - München.

Why visit our stand? Spijkstaal & ATA can help airports to achieve goals as increasing profitability, transporting luggage and products in a efficient way, little downtime and lower maintenance costs.

This automatic tow  tractor provides cost savings of up to 60%
This automatic tow tractor provides cost savings of up to 60%

AGVR makes AGVs outdoor-proof with new SICK safety scanners

This automatic tow  tractor provides cost savings of up to 60%
This automatic tow tractor provides cost savings of up to 60%

AGVR makes AGVs outdoor-proof with new SICK safety scanners

The best of different worlds come together in the latest automatic guided tractors from AGVR. The core of the high-end AGV solution is a robust tractor from the world brand Spijkstaal, which the AGVR engineers from Barendrecht equipped with all the necessary electronics and software, so that the tractor now finds its way automatically. The new SICK safety laser scanners outdoorScan3 are the safety eyes of the tractor. These outdoor scanners are the first in the world to meet the stringent IEC TS 62998-1 standard.

“Spijkstaal and AGVR work together exclusively,” explains Wim Luijendijk, managing director of sales. “When Spijkstaal receives a request for an automated tractor unit, they bring us in. And if we receive such a request, we knock on their door. " Quality is of paramount importance to both companies. It must be good. What we deliver must work for ten years and be serviceable for ten years. ”

“Initially we developed three-wheel tractors with 4 to 10 tons of pulling power as a kind of standard solution. Until a major automotive customer reported to us. They wanted a tractor that could pull 20 tons and drive on a wet ramp outside. A competitor proposed a tractor with 25 tons of pulling power, but if such a construction goes down the ramp, there is really no stopping it. That is why we have offered a 40-tonne trailer together with Spijkstaal. ”

SICK keeps its promise
Luijendijk still had a challenge for the 40-tonners: how do you guarantee safety in the outdoor environment? “Initially, there were no certified outdoor security scanners. Until then, we solved that with safety bumpers and ultrasonic sensors, but that solution was far from ideal. Customers still wonder why a Tesla can drive automatically. When our SICK contact person mentioned during a visit that SICK also worked on outdoor safety scanners, we immediately said that we wanted them. And SICK kept its promise. Those outdoor scanners do what they have to do. ”

Luijendijk and his team also encountered a challenge when it comes to navigation. “We always used RF tags that we placed in the ground. Based on the data from the reading unit under the tractor, we could then precisely determine the route. Inside, however, we are dealing with steel floors. Moreover, the customer turned out not to be keen on RF tags in the floor. It's great that SICK could help us with the NAV3XX laser scanner. It also performs well outside. ”

Ground clearance and braking power
In addition to the powerful scanning technology, the latest AGVR tractor has even more special features. Luijendijk sums up: “It can handle almost any surface, whether it is made of asphalt, pebbles, wood, concrete or steel plate. And thanks to good suspension, it has great ground clearance: the floor does not have to be flat and traction is guaranteed. ”

The AGVR solution uses unbraked trailers. All braking force must come from the tractor. “We deliberately chose to use the engine to brake fully. You can adjust that very precisely. Mechanical brakes often work well for the first month and then the party starts. Then just get them adjusted again. ” AGVR also supplies an intelligent fleet manager with the four automatically guided tractors: "This software determines which vehicle will receive the next logistical order."
AGVR's automatic tractors are also "hybrid". “They can optionally be controlled manually. You can convert everything with one switch. It has a complete cabin, with all the comfort for the driver. You can take it straight onto the street, because it is also equipped with lighting for the public road. ”

Ten years of certainty
Luijendijk and SICK have been working together for years. “We are on the same wavelength. They deliver professional stuff and the support is good. What is also important to us: if we build something, it must run at the customer for at least ten years. Then you also need to be insured for spare parts for ten years. SICK makes that happen. ”

“Sometimes colleagues sometimes want to shop online. But if I then ask whether that cheaper party can also supply the same components for ten years, we quickly end up with SICK again. And with their new outdoor scanner, the choice was already clear. We had been waiting for such a solution for so long. I was not surprised that SICK came up with it first. ”

When asked about future plans, Luijendijk indicates that in the near future he will mainly enter the market with the new automatic tractors. “It is a beautiful product and a mature product. I have been to so many different plants since then. I notice how often the logistics are still outside. If you replace all those forklift trucks with our new tractors, this can result in cost savings of up to 60%. That gives us a very strong story. ”
"We don't run away from difficult projects"
AGVR has been around for more than 30 years. With about 25 employees at the Dutch and German offices, the company supplies automated guided vehicles to demanding customers such as airports and 24/7 production companies within the food industry, automotive, machine building and pharmacy. This includes Nestlé, Agfa, Continental and Essity. In addition to automatic tractors, AGVR also supplies automatic forklift trucks and crawlers (transport units that fit under a container, for example).

Quality, robustness and a long service life play a major role in all AGVR products. Wim Luijendijk, managing director of sales: “We are especially good at the types of projects where things get difficult, such as in environments with minimal business space or very complex processes. We do not run away from it, in fact, we seek it out. You can also see that with our latest automatic tractor. Outdoor vehicles in AGV land are almost non-existent. We are really in a niche market with that. ”

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