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WEB-USA does over $2.5 million per year in volume and is an innovator in marketing as-is bank repossessions as well as fully retail-ready equipment to dealers worldwide. Unlike most Internet sellers, we own the over one million dollars of stock inventory on our stock list. Additionally, as a result of having spent over 35 years in the industry we can find specific requests for your needs through trusted and proven sources.

With the growth of the Internet and the outpouring of need on the part of customers wishing to buy direct, we are now offering our equipment to all commercial and private users. Whether you are looking for an as-is wholesale purchase or need a fully reconditioned forklift, or even just a working railcar mover, WEB-USA is the right choice. Our reconditioned trucks are equal to or superior to those stocked by any other dealer in the country. Most importantly – accurately represented and guarantied*.

All sales are as-is but carry our personal guarantee that upon the delivery inspection, the unit will be as represented or upon proof of a costly discrepancy, we will repair or replace any major component discrepancy.
If this is not acceptable, we will refund 100% of the purchase price less any freight costs that may be incurred.


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