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Propane Forklifts


Vehicle data

Make TCM
Type of Equipment Propane Forklifts
Model FCG25-4
Engine type Propane
Base Capacity 5,000 lb
Load center 0 in
Year 2011
Running hours 0
Serial Number
Available from
Tech. Condition 1
Vis. Condition 1
Forklift ID 20545/3446428

Retail price 14,900 USD
Dealer price Show

Lifting mast

Mast type Standard
Lifting height 0 in
Down Height 0 in
Free Lift 0 in
Fork carriage
Fork length 0 in

General information

Battery size/age
Tires unknown/unknown
Front Tires
Rear Tires
Length 0 in
Width 0 in
Weight 0 lb

Notes for all users

5000Lb TCM cushion tired forklift with 3 stage mast 83/189 and side shifter. Suspension seat, full light package, 42" forks, strobe and BU alarm. Fully serviced and reconditioned with new tires, paint, OEM and OSHA decals. Delivered in work ready condition. New arrival, sample photo.

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