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Propane Forklifts

Komatsu FG35ST-7

Vehicle data

Make Komatsu
Type of Equipment Propane Forklifts
Model FG35ST-7
Engine type Propane
Base Capacity 7,000 lb
Load center 0 in
Year 2003
Running hours 0
Serial Number
Available from at once
Tech. Condition 3
Vis. Condition 3
Forklift ID 34542376/3517977

Retail price 8,500 USD
Dealer price Show

Lifting mast

Mast type 3 Stage
Lifting height 0 in
Down Height 0 in
Free Lift 0 in
Fork carriage
Fork length 0 in

General information

Engine/Charger yes
Battery size/age 0
Tires Cushion Tires/unknown
Front Tires
Rear Tires
Length 0 in
Width 0 in
Weight 0 lb

Notes for all users

2003 LP Gas Komatsu FG35ST-7 Cushion Tire 4 Wheel Sit Down (Indoor Warehouse) Video of Komatsu running: https://youtu.be/z3Y4zlRmk0U Cushion Tire 4 Wheel Sit Down (Indoor Warehouse)

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