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Forklift City Inc.

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2120 North Loop 12, Irving | Irvine, TX 75061 | USA |

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Forklift City is family owned and operated with over 40 years experience in the wholesale used forklift industry. We are experienced professionals with the knowledge and resources to help locate hard to find, specialized equipment.

We, Buy, Sell and Trade all makes and models of used forklifts across the country and around the world.

Contact us today for help finding the right used lift for your business! We accept trades for your old used lift, toward the cost of a newer model.

We Buy Used Lifts!

If your company has surplus used forklifts they are ready to retire from their asset inventory, we can help. We buy surplus, out of service, or off lease used forklifts. We offer prompt payment and quick pickup.

Visit us!

Come by our location in Irving, Texas to see our latest inventory. We are happy to pick up customers at the airport who are visiting from out of town who would like to view equipment at our location coveniently located near DFW International airport in the mid cities area between Dallas and Fort Worth Texas.


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