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Bohnert Equipment Company was founded on the principle that this business is one of relationships. These relationships must be built in two directions. First is the partnership between Bohnert and each of the manufacturers we represent. Our manufacturers are the leaders in their respective industries. Bohnert has represented many of these manufacturers for a number of years, some since 1934. With this in mind, you can feel confident that you are getting a product that can be trusted, because WE trust it.The second direction is the relationships we have with our customers. These too are relationships built on trust. You can trust that we will provide reliable advice and responsive service. We become more than a supplier, we are a partner in business.

Mobile Equipment covers all of the products you will need to transport your products or employees around your facility. This group includes everything from forklift trucks, narrow aisle equipment to hand truck s and casters.

Engineered Solutions encompasses a wide range of material handling solutions. This group provides solutions from overhead cranes, ergonomic equipment to storage rack and in-plant offices.


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