Przedsiębiorstwo  Wielobranżowe BOLEK

Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe BOLEK

Členem od: 2017

Nietulisko Duże 162 | 27-415 Kunów | Polsko |


Servisní partner

Linde, Toyota, Hyster, Manitou, Nissan, TCM, O&K, OM, Baumann

Informace o firmě

Bolek Forklifts & Construction Machines was established in 2003. We are specialized in used forklifts trucks and construction machines. In our stock you can find different types and makes of forklifts trucks from standard front mounted counterbalance forklift through rough terrain trucks (2x4 and 4x4 driven), side loading trucks (side loaders) to telescopic handlers. Thanks to cooperation with foreign companies we permanently offer big variety of used machines. All forklift are checked and sold in full working order.
In our offer you will find forklifts manufactured by Linde, Kalmar, Nissan, Manitou, Hyster, Toyota and many other globally recognized brands.

Our workers always try to do the best to meet the needs of our customers. If you can't find what you are looking for please contact us.



Thanks to cooperation with international forwarding we are able to organise transport for purchased machines.

Obchodní plocha

Poland, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine, France, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Russia, Latvia, Estonia,Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Austria, Egypt, Nigeria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan

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