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Liftlease rents and maintains internal transport equipment. We have been doing this with great pleasure for 30 years. From forklifts to sweepers and from aerial platforms to telehandlers; we deliver! We analyze the logistics process within your company. Based on this, we can determine the optimal use of internal transport equipment. We always look for the most efficient solution for the best possible rate. The right machine in the right place for the right price; this way we relieve our customers, both operationally and financially.

What can you expect from Liftlease?

In Liftlease you will find an expert and reliable partner. We focus on our customers and their wishes. Personal contact and open communication are therefore important to us. Short lines, efficiency, a proactive approach and solution orientation are characteristic of our method. Moreover, we always go for the long term. We believe in lasting relationships and in logistics solutions that are also the most efficient over time. We are enthusiastic about our field and are happy to take you along.

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