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TVH is an international group with customers in more than 170 countries, and has been split up into 2 ac-tivities: Parts & Accessories and Rental & Equipment.
Parts & Accessories is the one-stop shop for material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment parts and accessories. The unequalled know-how of TVH's parts division is reflected by a database of more than 21 000 000 article numbers, of which well over 600 000 references are in stock.
Rental & Equipment consists of 3 divisions: Equipment Division, Rental Division and Service & Repair Division. The Equipment Division sells new and used forklifts and aerial work platforms. With its short- and long-term rental of forklifts and aerial work platforms, the Rental Division is active in Belgium, the Netherlands and other European countries. The Service & Repair Division is only active in Belgium. In addition, TVH also has the ‘TVH Training Centre’ where driver trainings and technical courses are given.
TVH's electronics department is Europe's largest, best-equipped and most diverse service centre for the repair of electronic parts for forklifts, aerial work platforms and industrial vehicles.

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