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Rattlesnake Mountain Products & Services LLC

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Rattlesnake Mountain Products & Services LLC a residential repair and maintenance company started to provide affordable repairs and maintenance. Typically, is your home is your most expensive investment. Structures need to be maintained to hold their value and at times a few minor fixes can add more equity than the cost of the repairs.

The vision for the company came to me when I was flipping a house. I had a great offer, the inspection report came back with a few minor issues. At the time I was very busy at work and couldn’t think of who I could call to get the repairs done fast to keep the sell on track. I asked the inspection company with no success, so I started Rattlesnake Mountain Products & amp; services LLC. Most construction companies prefer not do small, minor, repairs, as it is not cost effective with the amount of overhead they need to carry to support the larger projects. My vision is to only do the small projects but complete several a day at an affordable cost.

Our services include, window and door replacement, trim and other cosmetic upgrades, caulking, minor plumbing repair, fixture replacements and upgrades, sprinkler system repairs, to name a few. Our target clients are homeowners, property management firms, as well as small businesses. Our marketing strategy is contacting property management firms, real estate agents, as well as USPS, mailing campaigns As principal owner/operator I have the necessary tools and equipment needed to do most repair needs as well as shop space for projects that involve pre-painting such as trim. With my acceptance into the SEAP program the goal is to create enough revenue over the next 6 months to enable the business to
hire additional personnel for expansion without the need of borrow capital.

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Rattlesnake Mountain Products & Services LLC
Egyesült Amerikai Államok
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