Llorsa Carretillas, S.A.

Llorsa Carretillas, S.A.

Member since: 2016

Pol. Ind. Los Madroños, 22-24 | 28864 Ajalvir | Madrid | Spanyolország | www.llorsa.com/


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Since 1985, Llorsa Forklifts have supplied and provided services to a wide variety of forklift trucks in the Madrid y Guadalajara areas. Llorsa offers its clients a wide range of logistical industry solutions to move, raise and locate loads in their warehouses.

Llorsa Forklifts, is one of the strongest family companies in the maintenance sector in the city centre. We supply practically all the types of forklift trucks that your warehouse could possibly need, including ergonomical products that improve productivity. Our clients go from big to small family orientated logistical companies. A variety of products, personal specialisation, and an emphasis on safety are combined to make Llorsa, one of the most respected companies in the maintenance sector.


Our objective is to be the main supplier of products and logistical services.
- Customer service
- Integrity and transparency
- Teamwork
- Safety
- Quality
- Innovation

Használt készülékek

Használt készülékek

Para el cliente que tenga otro tipo de necesidad disponemos también de una selección de carretillas elevadoras usadas y reacondicionadas.
Desde transpaletas manuales, transpaletas eléctricas, apiladores, recogepedidos, retráctiles, carretillas frontales eléctricas y GLP y trilaterales.

Új gépek

Új gépek

Nuestro enfoque de diseño se centra en la productividad del operador, la seguridad y la vida útil del producto, proporcionando valor a largo plazo que hace que Crown sea su mejor decisión de negocios.
Disponemos desde transpaletas manuales, transpaletas eléctricas, apiladores, recogepedidos, retráctiles, carretillas frontales electricas y GLP y trilaterales




Our fleet of Crown rental fork lift trucks are carefully selected, prepared and serviced to insure the best quality and service reliability. The quality and a reputation for reliability make Crown fork lift trucks ideal for short or long term rental.

Many of our clients have had first-hand experience of our rental departments’ efficiency, high productivity and easy-to-use Crown lift trucks, and many have become main clients of our Crown fleet.

The rental service is endorsed by the technical support Llorsa provides to its clients.

- Forklifts whenever you need them
- Rent from one day to indefinitely
- Obtain Crown technology
- From one machine to a fleet
- Llorsa Forklifts technical assistance




At Llorsa Forklifts, we know the importance of a call for a broken down machine, this is why we offer a technical assistance service that gets to you in less than 3 hours after we have received your call or email, asking for help.
A technician will then come to the location needing technical assistance with his mobile workshop and 80 % of the time, will repair the machine.
If the technician is unable to repair the machine, we have our own workshop in which the complex breakdowns can be resolved.

- Customized service
- Responsiveness
- Customer service
- Responsability

Our service is focused on having broken down machines for the shortest amount of time possible, therefore we have developed customized services revolving around preventive maintenance, so we are able to improve our service for future breakdowns and also attempt to reduce the number of breakdowns.

Spare parts

Spare parts

Every spare part for a machine is crucial for correct technical assistance, something we are used to providing. When a machine breaks down, the time it takes to repair is crucial for productivity. The last thing we want to hear is that the part you need in out of stock or is pending delivery.

Llorsa Forklifts has a wide stock of spare parts with the biggest rotation according to the analysis made in our warehouse. This isn’t only for our main Crown brand but also for our competitor brands, as we have been able to specialise in multi-brand machines. We have been able to open up to other brands, as our clients have more and more diversified brands.

Our spare part department knows first hand the sense of urgency and our clients’ machines will be out of service for the shortest amount of time possible.

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