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Forklift Focus was founded in 2012 and has a longstanding experience in Material Handling equipment. We sell used forklifts, warehouse equipment and cleaning machines to the trade. At our premises in Haaksbergen, near the German border, we hold a constantly rotating stock of machines in popular specs, comprising major makes such as Lansing-Linde, Still, Toyota-BT, Nissan and Atlet. We exclusively supply forklift dealers. Our focus is on trucks in above average condition. Trucks that you can supply with minimal effort to your end users. We give reliable and transparent information on the quality.

At our premises in Haaksbergen, at the German border, we always keep a selection of young used equipment for you. All trucks have been tested, necessary repairs have been done and operating hours have been checked.

Used Attachments
Forklift Focus always offers a choice of used attachments. In this way, the truck of your choice can be adapted to your specific needs. You will find our current stock including pictures and technical data on our website.

Cleaning machines
In addition to material handling equipment we are build a good stock of used sweepers and scrubbers. Do you need a particular machine, please contact us: we will look for a suitable floor cleaning machine.

Used Parts
Because we also purchase no-runners and excess inventories, we have a large stock of used parts: engines, electronics and sheet metal for both forklift and warehouse trucks. Our current offer together with technical details, pictures and prices can be found on our website.

In the course of time forklift companies often get stuck with obsolete masts, even when they are brand new. By purchasing these masts actively, we have a stock of masts in very good condition. Such a mast proves to be an interesting alternative to a revision, saving both time and money.

FF was privately funded. Therefore, when collecting trucks, we can guarantee the full transfer of the money swiftly prior to collection.

Viimeiset uutiset ja tiedotteet

Viimeiset uutiset ja tiedotteet

We have now started to make product-videos of our trucks enabling you and your final customers to see and hear the trucks in action.
Each video gives you a quick round-up of the details of a specific truck. Please visit our Forklift Focus YouTube channel to see the forklifts.
And please subscribe to our channel. Need a video of a truck that is not on YouTube yet? Tell us and we make a video of it for you!

renewed website

renewed website

Per 1 May 2020 we will launch our renewed website


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Trukki: 158 Koneet

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Lavankääntäjä, 360° pyöritys Stabau Stabau S22-PWG 15-180-A  7

Lavankääntäjä, 360° pyöritys

2010 Stabau Stabau S22-PWG 15-180-A

3.500 EUR
1.075 kg


750 kg



ISO Luokka


Forklift Focus B.V.
Jatkohaarukka Vetter Fork extension  2


Vetter Fork extension

300 EUR
170 kg


1.250 kg



ISO Luokka


Forklift Focus B.V.

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