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Hyster CZ a.s.

Member since: 2019

Hulínská 3445/5 | CZ 767 01 Kroměříž | Tšekki | www.hyster.cz

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Offered trucks mainly from our rental fleet, serviced by our service engineers.
1948 STS Kroměříž established
1990 Forklift business started
1994 KROMEXIM established by privatization of STS
2000-2008 Exclusive distributor agreement Toyota material handling equipment
2001 Slovak branch opened
2007-2014 Exclusive Distributor agreement Cat Lift Trucks, since 2010 also for Mitsubishi.
2013 Exclusive Distributor agreement Hyster, official start 1.3.2014,
Company name changed from Kromexim Material Handling ČR a.s. to HYSTER CZ a.s.
We decided for Hyster dealership in 2013 because Hyster is one of leading brands in the world and we feel very strong support from the manufacturer. Hyster has history in Czech Republic since 1990.
29 years of experiences in material handling Equipment business and aftersales

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