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At ENOX Forklifts, we sell a wide range of forklifts, where there are both new and used in all price ranges. We supply companies in Køge, Roskilde and the rest of Zealand within transport, warehousing and logistics, especially Clark forklifts, which are our great strength. If you are looking for an electric truck for your company, we have exactly what you are missing.

A good forklift is a Clark forklift. We have sold and serviced them for many years, and therefore have great insight and knowledge about them. If you need an enterprising truck that lasts for many years, we can advise you so that you get the right pallet truck or perhaps a contract truck for your needs.

We are also a member of Importers & Manufacturers of Forklift Trucks in Denmark (IFAG) and can also perform the statutory inspection.

Make work easier with a Clark forklift
A forklift is designed to make transport and lifting tasks easier. With a Clark forklift, you get a solid machine that delivers when it needs to. It is durable and can function as forklifts, pallet lifts and much more. We perform truck service of all machines, so you can always come to us regarding forklift service.

If you want a remote-controlled forklift, we have a large selection of various models, where there is definitely one for you. Whether it should be new or used is of course entirely up to you. Get a professional forklift at a good price, so you get a stable and reliable work machine that eases the workload. We also offer rental of forklifts.

Käytetty kone

Käytetty kone

If you are looking for a good, used forklift, we offer a wide selection of various trucks for all types of companies in Køge, Roskilde and in general throughout Zealand. We have many years of experience in the industry and have sold lots of solid quality trucks that are used.

An electric stacker, electric truck or used pallet truck can be just as good as a new one. In our optics, it is just a machine that has been driven to. We service and perform repairs on all our trucks and can always help if something should happen to your used forklifts. And then it has taken the top of the price when used, which is perfect for you who want to save some money.

Get a used forklift at good prices
We know all our trucks inside and out and can vouch for the quality, stability and reliability.

Get a used forklift from us at good prices, and be sure that you get a solid machine that can last for many years to come. We are happy to advise you so that you are able to choose the right one for your needs.

If you often use pallet trucks in your workplace, and there is room for a used forklift, it is an investment that makes it all much easier for you. Then you are also able to place pallets on large pallet racks, which is optimal in terms of saving space on the floor.



Are you considering renting a forklift or pallet truck? At ENOX Gaffeltruck ApS, we offer rental of forklifts indefinitely. Forklift rental is a flexible alternative to purchase. Our customers are transport, warehousing and logistics companies in Køge and Roskilde, among others, as well as elsewhere in Zealand.

Avoid unforeseen costs of forklift rental
Rent a forklift that suits your needs and helps you lift your workload considerably. An electric truck can make a big difference in a workplace. A conventional pallet lifter, on the other hand, cannot lift pallets high up and utilize high pallet racks.

Renting a forklift is an alternative solution if you do not want to buy. We also offer rental of pallet lifts and more.

We offer forklift truck rental indefinitely and for as long as you wish. At the same time, you can choose from several different types of trucks.

For forklift rentals and pallet lifts, we do not take any deposit. Call and hear what we can offer for your needs. You can always change machine if your needs change. In other words, it is a flexible and cheap rental of forklifts.

Repair of forklift, floor washing machine or sweeper

Repair of forklift, floor washing machine or sweeper

Do you need to repair a forklift, floor washing machine or sweeper? At ENOX Gaffeltruck ApS we offer service and repair of floor washing machine, forklift or sweeper as well as other storage machines and cleaning machines. We service and maintain machines for customers in, among other places, Køge, Roskilde and the rest of Zealand.

Repair of sweeper, floor washing machine and other is offered
Professional service and repair sweeper, forklift and floor washing machine keep costs down. In other words, you can ensure good operating finances by signing a permanent service agreement with us. It protects against downtime, just as regular checks by professionals increase safety.

We can offer a fixed service agreement or just a repair agreement. We perform the statutory safety inspections as part of the service agreement. We can also perform repairs and statutory safety inspections from time to time, just as we can come urgently.

Of course, we adapt any agreement on service and repair of forklifts, floor washing machines or sweepers to your wishes and needs. It is also possible to buy spare parts from us, just as we rent out machines on both short and long agreements.

Contact us and hear more about our repair of machines
Whether you want a repair of a floor washing machine, sweeper or forklift, we are ready to service you and your company.

We are happy to prepare a non-binding offer for service and repair sweeper, floor washing machine and forklift. In addition, we are happy to talk about what your needs are. At the same time, we can tell more about what we can offer.

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