HAULOTTE Plataforma Telescópica HT23RTJPRO Valid inspection, *Guarantee! 22.5 m Wo
Forklift ID: 21022709251074149800/42509
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Última actualización: 05/12/2021


Tipo de máquina Plataforma Telescópica

Modelo HT23RTJPRO Valid inspection, *Guarantee! 22.5 m Wo

Año -

Máquina portante
Motor Diesel

Tracción integral si

Más información
Localización Groenlo

Masa 13.320 kg

Observaciones para clientes
== Weitere Informationen (DE) ==

Verwendungszweck: Bauwesen
Antrieb: Rad
Hubkapazität: 450 kg
Wenden Sie sich an Pfeifer Heavy Machinery Sales (+31 544463114, info@pfeifermachinery.com), um weitere Informationen zu erhalten.
Seriennummer: 2045265
Max. horizontale Reichweite: 1830 m
Transportabmessungen (L x B x H): 9.85x2.47x2.7

== Flere oplysninger (DK) ==

Anvendelsesområde: Konstruktion
Drivanordning: Hjul
Løftekapacitet: 450 kg
Kontakt Pfeifer Heavy Machinery Sales (+31 544463114, info@pfeifermachinery.com) for yderligere oplysninger
Serienummer: 2045265

== More details (EN) ==

Field of application: Construction
Drive: Wheel
Lifting capacity: 450 kg
Please contact Pfeifer Heavy Machinery Sales (+31 544463114, info@pfeifermachinery.com) for more information
Serial number: 2045265
Max. horizontal reach: 1830 m
Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 9.85x2.47x2.7

== Información adicional (ES) ==

Ámbito de aplicación: Construcción
Propulsión: Rueda
Capacidad de elevación: 450 kg
Póngase en contacto con Pfeifer Heavy Machinery Sales (+31 544463114, info@pfeifermachinery.com) para obtener más información.
Número de serie: 2045265
Max. alcance horizontal: 1830 m
Dimensiones de transporte (LaxAnxAl): 9.85x2.47x2.7

== Informations supplémentaires (FR) ==

Domaine d'application: Construction
Commande: Roue
Capacité de levage: 450 kg
Veuillez contacter Pfeifer Heavy Machinery Sales (+31 544463114, info@pfeifermachinery.com) pour plus d'informations
Numéro de série: 2045265
Max. portée horizontale: 1830 m
Dimensions du volume de transport (L x l x H): 9.85x2.47x2.7

== Overige details (NL) ==

Self-Propelled Boomlift

This machine has a valid inspection and can be sold with warranty. Inform about our conditions!

Manufacturer: Haulotte
Mnuf. year: 2018
Serial number: 2045265

Fuel: Diesel
Engine: Kubota / TIER 4 interim
Engine Output: 36.5 kW - 48.9 hp

Working height: 22.5 m
Horizontal outreach: 18.3 m
Below ground reach: 4 m
Lift capacity: 450 kg
Vertical jib rotation: 133° (+68/-65)
Platform rotation: 180° (+90/-90)
Boom rotation angle: 90° (+75/-15)
Turntable rotatio: 360° continuous
Drive speed: 0.5 - 6.5 km/h
Gradeability:40 %

4 wheel drive 4 (PRO) wheel steer
Automatic differential wheel lock increase rough terrain capacity
Front oscillating axle increases stability on uneven ground
Proportional controls enhance comfort and safety
4 simultaneous movements for maximum productivity
450 kg load capacity unrestricted working envelope
Large modular basket 2.44 x 0.91 m, Drop entry gate
Upper control box protection cover and tool tray
Prepared for power to platform 110 / 230 V
Basket limitation +/- 10°
ACTIV’Screen colored monitor screen and diagnostic system
Swing out engine tray for ease of maintenance
Hour meter
Low fuel level indicator (upper control box)
Engine pre-heater with light indicator
Sound and light alarm for tilt and load
Maximum wind speed 45 km/h / 28 mph
12 V battery
Electric pump system and emergency descent
Rotating beacon
Driving alarm
Haulotte Activ’Shield™ Bar PRO model

Transport size: LxWx:
7.80 m x 2.47 m x 3.30 m

CE (Declaration of Conformity)

More detailed pictures / product movie on our website.


Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice and subject to errors.

= Meer informatie =

Toepassingsgebied: Bouw
Aandrijving: Wiel
Hefcapaciteit: 450 kg
Neem voor meer informatie contact op met Pfeifer Heavy Machinery Sales (+31 544463114, info@pfeifermachinery.com)
Serienummer: 2045265
Max. horizontale reikwijdte: 1830 m
Afmetingen (LxBxH) (m): 9.85x2.47x2.7

== Dodatkowy opis (PL) ==

Obszar zastosowania: Budownictwo
Napęd: Koło
Udźwig: 450 kg
Aby uzyskać więcej informacji, należy skontaktować się z Pfeifer Heavy Machinery Sales (+31 544463114, info@pfeifermachinery.com)
Numer serii: 2045265

== Дополнительная информация (RU) ==

Область применения: Строительство
Привод: Колесо
Грузоподъемность подъемного устройства: 450 kg
Свяжитесь с Pfeifer Heavy Machinery Sales (+31 544463114, info@pfeifermachinery.com) для получения дополнительной информации
Серийный номер: 2045265

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