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Flexi, the most popular articulated Very Narrow Aisle warehouse truck.

The Flexi AC range of articulated warehouse trucks dramatically improve storage, handling and customer order assembly efficiency within manufacturing, warehousing and logistics operations.

Flexi trucks provide a very cost efficient solution by eliminating wasted aisle space required by traditional reach trucks. Depending on the building, they can increase usable storage space by between 25 and 50 per cent, they eliminate double handling and improve speed of operation. This makes warehouses significantly more efficient and dramatically reduces the overall operational cost.

Since Narrow Aisle pioneered the first Flexi articulated truck in the early 1990s it has gone on to become the most popular articulated forklift truck in Europe. Over 5000 units have been shipped throughout the world. Over the past five years the Flexi AC range has been developed significantly and can now lift loads weighing up to 2.5 tonnes and to heights of over 13 metres.

Although Flexi Narrow Aisle’s clients are involved in the storage and handling of many different products – from FMCG, foodstuffs and beverages to engines – they all share at least one common aim: the need to maximize efficiency within their warehousing operation by increasing throughput and making the most of all the space that is available.

Latest News & Media Releases

Latest News & Media Releases

New Generation of Flexi AC launched at CeMAT 2014:

Flexi Narrow Aisle – one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of very narrow aisle (VNA) materials handling equipment for over 30 years – has announced details of it’s next generation Flexi range of articulated forklift trucks.

In all there are six distinct variations of the Flexi AC articulated truck product within the Flexi range, each one developed to suit different industry sectors. In the new Flexi generation, the technology and all major components within each model have been enhanced to ensure that the trucks offer the very highest levels of performance demanded by today’s retail and industrial intralogistics environments.

The latest generation of Zapi AC motor controller technology is now fitted at standard across the Flexi range. Apioneer of AC motor controller technology, Zapi is renowned as a leader in the development of advanced control systems for battery powered vehicles and its products optimize vehicle control, operation, performance and efficiency. All models in the Flexi AC range will benefit from an upgrade to high quality Schabmüller motors, which provide more power and extended service life.

Meanwhile, to ensure that the noise generated by functions such as the lifting and lowering of the trucks’ mast and other hydraulic function is minimized, low turbulence hydraulic pumps have been specified that reduce significantly operational noise levels to provide a safer and more comfortable working environment for employees.

With safety in mind LED working lights and reversing light are now standard across the range, a significant saving in battery energy per day. Some Flexi customers have also adopted ‘blue point’ LED personnel safety technology. In simple terms, when trucks are reversing the ‘blue point’ system is activated and projects a pool of blue light on to the floor some 4 metres behind the vehicle to warn workers that a truck is approaching. Because Flexi are commonly used within aisleways where customer order picking takes place, the ‘blue point’ system can be an important safety enhancement to separate pedestrians and trucks.

And, to further improve truck safety and performance, premium ‘Finger Treaded’ Continental cushion rubber tyres – considered the optimal tyre for stability and long service life when dealing with heavy-duty operations – are now standard on all Flexi AC forklifts. These high quality Conti tyres are also available in non marking and electrostatic options.

The Flexi range has also smart new livery, the unqiue Flexi ‘True Radius’ chassis in red paint finish remains but with a silver logo replacing the original yellow Flexi symbol and silver trims added to wheel hubs, this truly iconic original design has been given a real makeover for the CeMAT show.

John Maguire, sales and marketing director of Flexi Narrow Aisle, comments: “All the trucks in the Flexi AC range are reliable and proven products and, when it comes to product development for the next generation, our policy has been one of evolution rather than revolution. However, by using what we believe to be the highest quality component parts from tier one European suppliers to upgrade all our essential truck functions, we have enhanced our entire range to ensure that Flexis continue to meet the ever increasing demands of the modern logistics environment.”

Used Machines

Flexi Narrow Aisle offer fully refurbished Flexi warehouse trucks direct from our manufacturing plant in the Great Bridge, West Midlands.

New machines

New machines

In all there are six distinct variations of the Flexi AC articulated truck product within the Flexi range, each one developed to suit different industry sectors.

Lift heights from 3M to 13M
Aisle widths from 1.6M to 2.3M
-30° Cold Store Specification
Spare Batteries for multi shift use

Hire & Rental

Hire & Rental

Flexi Narrow Aisle – the UK-based manufacturer of the Flexi AC range of articulated forklift trucks has over 300 trucks in its short term rental (STR) fleet.

The average age of the trucks in Flexi's short term hire fleet is less than 4 years old, providing modern, safe and productive rental equipment at short notice to support seasonal peaks and increased business levels being seen across the logistics sector.

To find out more call our Hire Team on:

Tel: +44 (0) 121 5215 132 or
Email us on



The Flexi Global Support Team provide a comprehensive service offering advice to authorised distributors and customers on all technical aspects of Flexi truck operation; electrical power requirements for charging, installation method statements, trouble shooting, detailed workshop manuals, fitting of material handling attachments and warehouse management systems (WMS).

Flexi Training

Flexi Training

Flexi Training offer professional articulated driver training courses to HSE approved standards to give your forklift operators the confidence and skills to drive safely and efficiently; increasing both productivity and profitability.
Flexi Training Co services include:
Operator Training Manual and CD
Provide Flexi trainer to familiarise and certificate new operators
Flexi Retraining and Refresher courses
Flexi VNA Training for existing forklift trainers
Flexi Conversion Training courses
To discuss your training needs, please contact us on 0121 557 3674 or email us at

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