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Forklift Garage has been offers their services through their high-calibre, reliable machinery that is utterly user-friendly and efficient. We want to make the process of carrying and transporting heavy loads a light task through our vast selection of forklifts which you can rent both for long and short term.

We are sure that our comprehensive range of vehicle and warehouse equipment can meet all your requirements. We are confident about the quality of our forklift trucks. Their excellent performance is ensured by their very brand. We have the following names in stock: JCB, Toyota, CAT, Hyster, Yale, Doosan, Mitsubishi and TCM.

We treat our forklifts as if they were humans - we keep them thoroughly clean and in shape to provide our clients with the best service possible. We also invest in their service and maintenance so that your experience using them would be as rewarding and time-effective as can be. The reality is that half of our work is done by our tools and that is why we make sure that the machinery we provide you with is of the highest quality.

Our selection of forklifts comes in different capacities. You can choose between drives that operate through diesel, gas or even electrically. The pricing will depend on the size and type of forklift, the rental time and also the operating conditions.

Forklift Garage has been in the importation and distribution of world-renowned forklift trucks since 2007 in Malta. We have worked hard to establish our company in the market and we are particularly sought for providing a customer-friendly service coupled with an exceptional after-sales service. For those of you who would like a quote to have an idea and make their necessary calculations, we also offer a free quote plus a free consultation to help us gauge your needs better, thereby providing you with a service that best suits your requirements.

For any equipment related to loading, lifting and transport, look no further. Forklift Garage has all the equipment that you need at your disposal. The equipment that we supply is known for its high performance, for being easy to use and for saving you a lot of precious time and extra effort. Our clients repeatedly comment on the reliability and durability of our equipment which is suitable both for those who are still quite green in the area as well as for the experienced ones.

We supply pallet stackers, pallet power trucks, hand pallet loaders, reach trucks and scissors lifts. Amongst our wide array of industrial equipment, we have the hand pallet truck pallet loader with a capacity of up to 2500 kilograms
the ET - Electric Pallet Loaders which can carry up to 1500 kilograms and the Climax Scale pallet loaders which can carry up to 200 kilograms. We also repair and service all our vehicles.

Those who use forklifts know that a fast and dependable supply of forklift gas is essential when it comes to using gas forklifts. Unlike electric forklifts, which can take hours to recharge, gas forklifts can be refueled in a matter of minutes. This is why we bring you exceptional gas bottles at very competitive prices. Additionally, our bale clamps can economically handle nearly any type of baled product including cotton, flax, wool, synthetic textile fibres, hay, rags and recycled clothing. We want to make your work as easy and timely as possible. Our fork-positioners are a necessity when handling a variety of pallet sizes, ensuring little effort and maximum efficiency.

The following is some information about our prestigious stacker brands:
Yale high-lift pallet trucks offers a sit-down option and can carry up to 1500 kilograms
Yale Pedestrian Stacker can carry up to 1250 kilograms
Yale Electric stand on pallet truck can carry up to 2000 kilograms
Robur pedestrian stacker can carry up to 1600 kilograms
Electric Pallet offers a sit-down option and can carry up to 2000 kilograms
and finally the Warrior Stacker Platform truck can carry up to 250 kilograms.

We pride ourselves in our express service that places the client on top of our agenda. Contact us today for a free consultation and a free quote and we guarantee that your expectations will be surpassed!


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