MV Technik, s.r.o.

MV Technik, s.r.o.

Členem od: 2018

Obolecká 211 | 58301 Chotěboř | Česká republika |


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MV Technik, s.r.o. is a traditional Czech manufacturer of standard and special handling
equipment for all branches of industry. The firm designs, develops and manufactures equipment
according to its customers´ needs.

The firm´s manufacturing portfolio is very broad and, in addition to standard additional
equipment for forklift trucks, it also makes cranes, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical
handlers, lifting platforms, handling lines, loaders and tractors, single-purpose handling
high-lift trucks and special handling equipment. All the equipment is marked for its
high workmanship, long service life and very low maintenance requirements. These are
qualities appreciated by renowned world firms, which are among MV Technik´s customers.

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Pneumatic manipulators:

Hydraulic manipulators:


Atypical hand trucks:

Transport trucks:

Ligting platforms:


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