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HSH Forklifts B.V.

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Doosan, JCB, Bendi, Genie, Hako

Informace o firmě

Gwynedd Forklifts supply a range of new equipment from Doosan Industrial Vehicals and we supply a range of used counterbalance forklifts trucks, side loaders, pallet trucks, telescopic handlers and reach trucks.

For business's wishing not to tie up valuable capital, we offer the advantage of contract Hire and Lease purchasing schemes.

Gwynedd Forklifts is the dealer for Doosan Industrial Vehicals. Doosan Industrial Vehicals entered the forklift manufacturing business in 1967 and have never looked back since. Recently the company unveiled a lineup of next generation models that use ergonomics to improve the environmental friendliness of the functions and energy of operation. The exterior styling has also been upgraded to provide a modern feel. Doosan are a quality forklift truck at a very sensible price, both of these factors combined are the reason they are one of the biggest and most respected forklift companies in the world.



What a lovely line up 😎 Mixture of x4 new Doosan D25S-5 (2.5ton Diesel) and a new Doosan G20SC-5 (2ton LPG) all ready for delivery to Wynnstay Group PLC.
If you are looking to help improve your material handling operations around the North Wales, North West, Mid Wales or Shropshire area, then drop me a message as we have the solution!

Servicing and Service Contracts

Out trained engineers can give your forklift a full service on site as a one off or we can arrange for a service contract to be put in place.

What a forklift service involves –

Oil filters and oil change on engine, transmission, hydraulic, drive axle
All fluid levels checked
Engine, Transmission, Drive axle, Brakes, Steer Axle and Hydraulic System to be checked

Thorough Examination – By law your forklift has to have a thorough examination every 12 months. A thorough examination is like an M.O.T for a car. The responsibility for obtaining this Report of Thorough Examination lies with you, the user of the truck (whether you own, lease or hire). We can arrange one of our fully qualified engineers to complete a thorough examination on site.

Parts and Spare Parts

We supply a large range of parts for most manufaturers, please call us for your requirements.

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Europe and worldwide


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Přídavná zařízení: 8 Strojů

Pracovní plošiny: 50 Strojů

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