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Červená Voda 535 | CZ-561 61 Červená Voda | Česká republika |

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Are you looking for a cheap forklift trucks? Are you a company providing service for forklifts or a skilful handyman capable of repairing a truck yourself? Then you have come to the right place!

We present here a wide choice of checked used material handling and warehouse equipment of well-known brands such as Linde, Jungheinrich, Still, Toyota, BT, Komatsu, Hyster, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, at the best prices in the market.

The forklift trucks are sold in "as is" condition, without repairs and painting to assure as low aquisition prices as possible. Therefore, the trucks may have various faults and defects and different degrees of deterioration. We endeavour to describe any defects in as much detail as possible, in order to give you a full idea of what you are buying, so that you will be able to calculate repair costs. The description of technical condition can be found in each truck’s details.

However, the forklift trucks may have some hidden defects, which could not be revealed during the standard technical inspection, and that is why we strongly recommend that our customers come to check and try the chosen truck in person. We are glad to advise you the most suitable type to meet exactly your requirements. The last choice is yours.

The trucks are always sold without a warranty. We renounce any responsibility for property damage or damage to health that can be caused by an inexpert use of material handling equipment or failure to eliminate its known and undisclosed defects. Therefore, please always pay your special attention to the professional elimination of failures prior to put the forklift into operation

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